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One day Laura McKeithan was invited to church and four months later she was sold out for Christ! She found herself so in love with His word she dove head first into being a minister in training and singing hymns with the praise team. Then out of nowhere the Lord put the passion of dance into her heart, for someone with no dance experience before it seemed very strange but she knew it was God. Laura began to praise dance at her home church with all the other hats she was wearing. She had her own style, full of energy and passion, she would freestyle dance to any song that was about Jesus. Since then praise dancing has become a lifestyle for her. In worship with her husband, PJ McKeithan, they have joined their two gifts and took North Carolina into a new height of praise. From spinning around in the sanctuary at her home church to taking the anointing on the road with live bands Laura allows her dancing to minister to so many people. Then in 2017, God took her to another venture into acting and modeling. It's a path in which she finds God leading her to take her gifts into an industry in need of His light. She hopes that people will experience God’s grace from her testimony and encourage someone to keep God first without any limits on what He can do!